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The Need For Women In Tech

Women have come a long way in the workplace in terms of what roles they are involved in. Stereotypical men’s jobs such as plumbing, building and working in the military have become more popular for women. However, women still make up a very small...

How Tech Has Evolved Over The Years

Groundbreaking technological inventions are being released in Africa and world over. But, how did we get here?
Listen! as Engineer Imabong Akpan takes us through the journey of the evolution of tech.

Opportunities In Tech

Are there opportunities in tech for everyone? What prospects exist for one who doesn’t code or have a background in technology?
Tech Business Consultant & Mentor, Nwanne Nwonwu, discusses in detail about the opportunities in tech.

How To Get Into Tech

Tech in Africa is thought by many to be the new oil money. So, if you haven’t already been paying attention to what’s happening in the industry, how it is evolving and how it affects you, you may just be missing out on the new big thing. Software...

What The Tech Africa

As Africa’s Tech sphere is on a rapid expansion, we stay abreast of the times and direction on What The Tech Africa.