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Is Social Media Fueling Aggression And Stigma?

While some people have a genetic tendency towards depression, others develop it as a result of loneliness and social isolation, bullying, loss, abuse and conflict. Is Social media a catalyst that this generation has to contend with?

A study of how social media affects the mental health of young people found that increased participation in social media networks was associated with increased psychological distress – with the effects almost twice as severe among girls.

Cyberbullying is a leading cause of this distress but will we have to ban social media so as to escape this? There’s been a conversation about social media, aggression and stigma but little or nothing has been talked about from the angle of cyber-security and insecurities.

In this episode, a Cyber-security Researcher, Content Creator, Author, Director of ICT at Spiritan University Nneochi, Abia State in Nigeria and the Convener, Coalition for Women Professionals, Chioma Chigozie-Okwum, shares her thoughts as viewed from the lens of cybersecurity.

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