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What Is Insurtech All About?

In many African homes, Insurance, no matter how little, is a fruit hanging at the topmost part of the tree of life, which they have no access to and may never consider for a lifetime, except if their economic conditions become better. It is only human to first satisfy hunger, clothing, shelter and other basic living conditions before thinking of a life insured from risks. What is more risky than not having your basic living needs taken care of?

What is Technology and Insurance meeting to solve in Africa, What is InsurTech? How does it work and will the challenge of serving low-income and vulnerable customers with cost-effective methods be solved through this innovation?

In this episode, an insurance professional, a strong promoter of InsurTech in Africa and Co-Host of the number one Insurtech podcast in Nigeria, InsurTech Business Series Podcast, Adedamola Oloko ,tries to provide answers to our many questions and concerns.

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