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What You Need To Know About The Digital Naira (eNaira)

When the Central Bank of Nigeria announced that it will pilot the country’s Digital currency now known as the eNaira on the 1st of October, 2021 (which was rescheduled to 25 October, 2021), it came as a shock to many for many reasons.

Many Nigerians are interested in how this will work because Nigeria remains the top country with the most adoption of cryptocurrencies and they would like to know how this will impact their crypto investments and businesses.

Knowing and understanding the technology behind it and what the tech can do is the first step of knowing how this will affect You.

Let’s take that first step together with a Blockchain Developer, an Information System Lead Auditor and the founder of a decentralized social interactive marketplace service platform called SOMIDAX, Victor Oyemi.

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