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Plastic Pollution: Can Recycling Help Save Lagos?

We are in the midst of a plastic crisis. With its vast population, Lagos state generates about 148,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste annually, the highest in the country, and its harmful effects are telling on the environment.

Have you been in Lagos when it rains? Most drainages are blocked with polythene and plastics while some of the beaches are littered with the same. How these affect the environment is also of grave concern to all. Although the Lagos State government has introduced several initiatives to solve the different levels of plastic pollution from sorting, disposal, recycling and sensitization, there is still a lot more to be done over a period of time.

A Social impact technology provider and the Founder/CEO of XRubicon solutions limited, Adeleye Odebunmi, discussed the issues of the plastic pollution in Lagos and the place of recycling in solving this challenge.

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